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What to look for when buying pre-owned luxury bags


Purchasing a pre-owned handbag can end up saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over buying a brand new one. 

But it can also come with it's own challenges...

Read below to find out the TOP 5 things you should consider before purchasing a luxury pre-owned handbag.


Purchasing a luxury handbag can be considered an investment. Like with all investments it comes down to making smart choices. There are a few brands that can hold their value over time as well as increase in value. The top 3 brands are Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. 


One of the main determining factors in selecting a pre-owned handbag comes down to making sure it is authentic. There are several ways to ensure your bag is genuine..

Date codes, holograms, stiching, hardware and serial numbers are some of the ways to determine if your bag is real.

Overall it is recommended to only buy from sources and stores that can provide you with an authentication guarantee.


Where you buy your bag is almost as important as how much you purchase it for. Are you dealing with a local store? Ebay? Craigslist? or an E-Commere store? 

Each has it's own advantages and drawbacks but always make sure that you can guarantee brand authenticity no matter which source you choose.


Condition plays a important role in the overall investment of a luxury handbag. Rips, tears, scratches, dirt, blemishes and stains can greatly reduce the price and quality of a bag.

While a handbag may still be authentic with these types of issues the price and resell value are greatly affected. Make sure to take into consideration these factors when buying or selling.  


The above mentioned factors all come into play to determine the price of a designer handbag. If the price seems to good to be true it probably is. With so many fake and knockoff bags on the market it's smart to only deal with reputable businesses that have lots of experience. 

With over 25 years of experience Couture Upscale Consign offers only the highest quality pre-owned bags at best prices.

Is Your Bag Real or Fake?


Learn how to authenticate your bag

Investing in a designer handbag is a huge investment, and no-one wants to spend all their cash only to find out it's a fake. Yet as the market for luxury handbags continues to grow  so has the market for knock-offs. As counterfeiters become more savvy, it's becoming more and more difficult to tell a genuine from a phony, with many of today's counterfeit  bags looking almost the same to the real thing.

Listed below are 5 things to consider when identifying a real or fake.


Clean Straight Lines

When it comes to high end handbags designs are all about the upmost in quality. Look for clean straight lines in the design patterns, logos and accessories. Imitation bags usually have inconsistencies in these key areas.


The Stiching

Make sure to look over the stitching inside and out. Any frayed edges or fabrics could mean the bag may not be authentic. Even older bags typically stand the test of time if it's real.



Designers spare no expense when it comes to the construction of their accessories and hardware. This is one of the reasons they can charge the prices they do. Is the hardware peeling? Breaking? Check for these things when considering a new or used bag. 


Authenticity Cards

Some bags come with an authenticity card. This is a great selling point when it comes to keeping it's value. It is possible to verify the numbers on the card however it does not always mean the bag is real. Check the weight, print and quality of the cards before you purchase and make sure it matches the numbers on the bag as well.


The Stamp

All high end bags will have a stamp of authenticity on them. Can't find it? Look a littler harder as it is sometimes difficult to locate. Once you locate it match it up against other similar bags. Still not sure if it's real? Stop on in to our location and we can verify the authenticity free of charge anytime!

4 Steps for Shopping Success

How to shop for Pre-Owned Couture Handbags


 Have you been thinking about buying a Couture bag? Or do you have a brand or style on mind? The retail prices scare you?. Don’t Worry, here I’ll give you some tips to avoid some common mistakes and get you the perfect handbag that combines with your unique style.

First step: Take your time and Research


 For this process to succeed you’ll need to take some time to do some research on the brand or style you like and want the most. This might take time, but there’s nothing worst than buying without seeing all your options first. Once you know which brand you want, and your favourite style, color and size it’s time for the second step.  

Second step: Check the prices.


Once you have the brand and model you want it’s time to know the retail price of it, I know it will seem a little too much, but is here where you have the option to look for Pre-owned couture handbags around your area, for example: “Pre owned couture handbags in Fort Lauderdale”, you’ll have a list of different places to go, but before this you’ll need to do another research, this time about the shop you’ll buy your perfect handbag. 


Third Step: Make sure you are buying from a trustworthy Seller.

Ask about the return and authentication policy, contact them and check their online comments and social media. In this case sometimes is better to visit the store and actually see how much do you really love that handbag, you’ll have the chance to look at it. Now that you are so close it’s time for the next step.


Fourth Step: Shopping

 This is the last step, so after you know the retail price and you agree with all the policies of the store and you know you are getting the best price of your area it’s time to shop it! 

This will be all the steps you’ll need to follow to purchase an original pre-owned couture handbag.


Other advices…


  • Always listen to yourself, if you feel in your gut that the handbag doesn’t look original enough for your standards, or you have any doubts, it’s better not to purchase it or ask for more proof of its legitimacy.
  • This takes time, so don’t try to rush it, make sure you have all the information you need before you purchase a pre-owned couture handbag.

Good Luck and hope to know what you guys think about this steps, or if you have any other advice share it with us!

Miami Swim Week 2017

What is Miami wearing this Summer 2017?


Let's take a look!

Rompers, Rompers & Rompers


 You can see this new and pretty outfit in different prints, textile material, longs, shorts, and lots of colors. Super chic designs, and of course the outfit wouldn’t complete without a Chanel Handbag.

Bikini top and Long Printed Skirts


 This beautiful and sexy skirts will make you feel the Latin heritage that we all love about Miami, this outfit is full of fun, colors, it’s exotic and vibrant. It contributes lots of movement and for sure it’ll look amazing on the dance floor!


Bathing Suit and Jean Shorts

This look is incredibly chic! Mix it with a big hat and a hobo colorful couture handbag and you are ready to enjoy this summer! Try it with some flat sandals and big necklaces.


Wrap Dresses

They are so sexy and will bring all the color you’ll need this summer. It’s perfect for every kind of body. Be bold and use it with vintage jewelry. Braid crowns are also so hot this summer, and they will keep your neck cool!


White pants and fashion Loafers

This is the Glam look, make sure you carry the perfect Chanel handbag to achieve this look to perfection. Also don’t be afraid to play with silver bracelets and big sunglasses!


Tropical Print

This look will bring the vintage touch to the party! Make sure you have fun while putting this outfit together. Don’t forget that the outfit will not be complete without a chic couture handbag. It can be colorful so it’ll match with your look!


Maxi Dresses

This look is the Bohemian Beach! Don’t forget to add some attitude with big gold bracelets, big sunglasses and a tote handbag. A shell necklace will contribute to achieve this look to perfection!


All White!

Summer is here! Time for some blue ocean and white outfits, skirts, rompers and even maxi dresses will rock this summer! Make sure to get it some color with your jewelry, sunglasses and even your lipstick! Be creative and have fun with this look!


Leopard Print

Welcome to Miami, where Leopard Print is never too much! Have fun with this look, add a Louis Vuitton handbag and you are ready to rock the party!


Ready to try these outfits?

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What your Bag says about you?

A couture handbag will not only combine amazingly with your outfit but it will tell secrets about your personality. A couture handbag it’s a state of fashion and mind. It’s no secret that women all around the world use fashion as a social tool. Here is what your couture handbag tells about you:


The Clutch


This woman knows that the only things you need when you go out is a form of identification, a credit card and a lipstick. She’s the BOSS.  

The Trendy Tote


This woman is artsy and creative, her perfect night includes red wine, a table game and talking about poetry and literature. She’s the ARTIST.   


On the shoulder

This woman is a multitasker, don’t try to mess with her. She’s keeping an eye on everything she does. A pen, phone, lipstick, show invitations, floss, gum, granola bars even mints and an agenda will be found in this kind of bag. This woman is the HANDS-FREE.  


In the crock of the arm

This may not be a comfortable position, because it requires a certain level of polish and experience. This is why this woman is the LADY. 


In the hand

This kind of bag make everyone in the room look at you, this is the better way to show people you got a new bag, because it will be all time on display. This woman is the SHOWOFF  

This is a list that will make you better at reading what a woman is trying to communicate with her outfit to the world, and will also help you deciding between bags on that date night or whenever you want to show your beautiful couture bags.   

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Taking care of Leather Handbags

Every Couture handbag Lover has made always this question to themselves: How can I take care of my beautiful and precious Leather Handbags? With this post we will give you excellent and simple ideas on how to take care of those amazing handbags that completes all your outfits.


Tip #1: Protect them


Are you scared of spills and dirt ruining your bag? Just use some Leather Gel and Leather milk to protect your handbag.
How to use it?Apply product with a clean white cotton cloth, followed by a dry cotton cloth to buff. Use products regularly on heavily used bags. With any products, test a small patch on the bag to make sure it doesn’t cause discoloration.

Tip #2: Store them properly


Storing your handbags in your closet? It’s not a bad idea if you do it with this simple trick: place the bags in an upright position in their dust bags (or pillowcases). NEVER store them in plastic or vinyl because it will keep the moisture inside and may ruin your handbag. ut them into non plastic bags, this way it’s not gonna get humid.


Tip #3: Removing the stains the right way

So the first step is to know which kind of stain are you dealing with, for this look at our list below:

Food Stains

Crush a white chalk and let it sit on the stain overnight, after this brush the powder off with a clean cloth.

Oil Stains

Put cornstarch over the stain immediately, rubbing to create some friction and heat, this will help to absorb the oil. Brush the powder off as soon you finished rubbing it, don’t let it sit overnight.

Ink Stains

If the stain is fresh use a white eraser as soon as possible, and never press too hard onto the leather. If it’s already set go to see a specialist right away.  

Water stains

If you have water stains let them dry and then take it to a specialist.


Tip #4: Protect the Lining

Always use a pouch to store liquids and make up, avoid gel or liquid ink pens at all cost. This way you’ll be always organized!


Tip #5: Keep the metal Shining

Always do your best to keep out jewelry and zippers that may scratch your handbag, and polish the metal by using Cleaning Pads.

Tip #6: Practice your cleaning Routine


  1. Avoid handling your bag if your hands are dirty or have lotion cream on them
  2. Keep your bag off direct sunlight
  3. Rotate the bags you wear regularly so they don’t get used too quickly
  4. Use a suede brush to revive and maintain the suede
  5. Use leather moisturizer to keep it like new!
  6. Wipe down your handbags daily with a clean cloth


Fashion has Wings

In this post we will join the owners of Couture Upscale Consignment during a beautiful journey through the skies.


 Thanks to Paul Kramer’s Learn To Fly Center, Tomas and Sandra could achieve their dream to cruise the skies. The academy train the pilots to be the safest and most proficient pilots possible. Using personalized one-on-one training, they concentrate their training on the FAA requirements to become certificated AND they also apply scenario based training to ensure that Learn To Fly Center pilots are capable of handling everything from routine flying to complex emergencies with confidence.


 Thanks to all this, Sandra and Tomas live the life that they always wanted. And you could too! Just enter to this link and read more about it:


 Sandra and Tomas opened this part of their personal life to the public to show how beautiful is to fly, but remember wherever you go, don’t forget to always maintain the fashion that you deserve !


 In the first picture you can see Sandra wearing a beautiful Louis Vuitton Monogram Calfskin Kimono Noir Black tote handbag, because she considers the Kimono bag one of Louis Vuitton best creations. Perfect for everyday essentials, with an interior zippered compartment so you’ll have everything organized!

It has a great shoulder fit and it’s a very attractive tote. Perfect for this moment where they are about to get on the plane and fly all over the skies.


 In the second and third picture you can see her with one of the signature Chanel Caviar quilted Grand Shopping Tote GST black. Although Sandra likes Louis Vuitton, CHANEL is her all time favorite. Classy and stylish Sandra is about to cruise the skies!


 If you would like to have this experience of flying in fashion, just visit and you’ll have all the information you’ll need.

Don’t forget to visit our store in Fort Lauderdale! Sandra will recommend you the perfect handbag for any occasion, and don’t forget to ask about our Layaway Special!

Now that you know a little bit more about the owners don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience flying !

Till the next blog post, and always keep on Fashion!