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What to look for when buying pre-owned luxury bags

Purchasing a pre-owned handbag can end up saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over buying a brand new one. 

But it can also come with it's own challenges...

Read below to find out the TOP 5 things you should consider before purchasing a luxury pre-owned handbag.


Purchasing a luxury handbag can be considered an investment. Like with all investments it comes down to making smart choices. There are a few brands that can hold their value over time as well as increase in value. The top 3 brands are Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. 


One of the main determining factors in selecting a pre-owned handbag comes down to making sure it is authentic. There are several ways to ensure your bag is genuine..

Date codes, holograms, stiching, hardware and serial numbers are some of the ways to determine if your bag is real.

Overall it is recommended to only buy from sources and stores that can provide you with an authentication guarantee.


Where you buy your bag is almost as important as how much you purchase it for. Are you dealing with a local store? Ebay? Craigslist? or an E-Commere store? 

Each has it's own advantages and drawbacks but always make sure that you can guarantee brand authenticity no matter which source you choose.


Condition plays a important role in the overall investment of a luxury handbag. Rips, tears, scratches, dirt, blemishes and stains can greatly reduce the price and quality of a bag.

While a handbag may still be authentic with these types of issues the price and resell value are greatly affected. Make sure to take into consideration these factors when buying or selling.  


The above mentioned factors all come into play to determine the price of a designer handbag. If the price seems to good to be true it probably is. With so many fake and knockoff bags on the market it's smart to only deal with reputable businesses that have lots of experience. 

With over 25 years of experience Couture Upscale Consign offers only the highest quality pre-owned bags at best prices.

Is Your Bag Real or Fake?


Learn how to authenticate your bag

Investing in a designer handbag is a huge investment, and no-one wants to spend all their cash only to find out it's a fake. Yet as the market for luxury handbags continues to grow  so has the market for knock-offs. As counterfeiters become more savvy, it's becoming more and more difficult to tell a genuine from a phony, with many of today's counterfeit  bags looking almost the same to the real thing.

Listed below are 5 things to consider when identifying a real or fake.


Clean Straight Lines

When it comes to high end handbags designs are all about the upmost in quality. Look for clean straight lines in the design patterns, logos and accessories. Imitation bags usually have inconsistencies in these key areas.


The Stiching

Make sure to look over the stitching inside and out. Any frayed edges or fabrics could mean the bag may not be authentic. Even older bags typically stand the test of time if it's real.



Designers spare no expense when it comes to the construction of their accessories and hardware. This is one of the reasons they can charge the prices they do. Is the hardware peeling? Breaking? Check for these things when considering a new or used bag. 


Authenticity Cards

Some bags come with an authenticity card. This is a great selling point when it comes to keeping it's value. It is possible to verify the numbers on the card however it does not always mean the bag is real. Check the weight, print and quality of the cards before you purchase and make sure it matches the numbers on the bag as well.


The Stamp

All high end bags will have a stamp of authenticity on them. Can't find it? Look a littler harder as it is sometimes difficult to locate. Once you locate it match it up against other similar bags. Still not sure if it's real? Stop on in to our location and we can verify the authenticity free of charge anytime!